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The advantages of heating your house with a woodburning boiler stove

Heating your house with a wood burning stove with a boiler is good for a number of reasons:

Gas and oil prices are rising constantly

Gas and oil prices are rising steeply and are likely to continue to do so: demand is rising but supply is not, gas and oil reserves are likely to start 'running dry' over the next twenty years. 
The situation is likely to get worse not better.

A linked heating system (also known as link-up) is one where multiple heat sources are combined. Linked systems can be very flexible and can allow you to take advantage of seasonal differences in available power. For example a linked system allows you to use solar thermal panels in the warm months to provide hot water (when you do not need your heating on), but then switch over to a wood boiler stove to provide heating and hot water in the colder months when solar radiation is less.

A linked system is also ideal if you want to reduce your gas or oil consumption as it allows you to link in (for example) a wood boiler stove. When the wood boiler stove is going your gas/oil boiler will have less work to do and consequently you will use less gas/oil.

Creating a linked system is what you have to do if you would like to retrofit a boiler stove to an exsiting heating system. You may choose a small capacity boiler stove to simply supplement the heat from your current boiler, or you might consider a high output boiler stove that can provide for all your heating and hot water needs when it is lit.

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