Central Heating Pump or Shower Pump

Central heating pumps can sometimes fail and may need replacing, a way to tell if your pump has a problem is when the radiators in the upstairs of your property are warm, but the downstairs ones are much cooler.

This often means that the central heating pump is not working. Swapping a central heating pump may require us to drain down the heating system unless there are isolation valve either side of the pump. If we can isolate the pump then the job becomes a bit easier. Please call us if you are having problems with your heating.

Shower Pump

Is your shower pressure poor? would you like the pressure to be more powerful? Fed up with a shower that dribbles?

If so, you may want to have a shower pump installed. These can be located in your loftspace out of the way or in the airing cupboard. The position can be decided on the site visit. Our shower pumps come with a warranty and our plumbers will ensure that the best method for installation is used depending on manufacturers instructions. Please call McCarron Plumbing & Heating to discuss the best method for your hot water system and shower.

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