Installing a new radiator in a new position requires a little more consideration than just replacing an old one.If your installation is not a replacement, it will be necessary also to work out the optimum size and position of the new radiator. The output of a radiator is denoted by British Thermal Units and kilowatts. A rough calculation of what you need will involve:

Cubic feet room volume x 5 = BTU temperature required.

Replacement radiators can be very beneficial. The newer convector type radiators will have a bigger heat output and 9 times out of 10 can be swapped for your older, less attractive radiators. McCarron Plumbing & Heating will look to install your new radiator with the least mess and as quickly and efficiently as possible. Uttoxeter Plumbers use the best materials for the job and will have your heating up and running so you can benefit immediately from the installation




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